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At MQN we believe in a holistic approach that encompasses   people, place and planet.

Our team approaches every project with this philosophy. Our goal is to ensure that we develop environments that promote health, wellness, inclusion, security, deep connection to a sense of place and that every material and system specified is respectful to our planet and contributes to a circular economy.

We design for possibilities. We continually deep dive into the latest design & environmental research, we utilize cutting edge technology and software so we can ensure we give you the best version of ourselves, so that as a collective team of specialists we can guarantee you a collaborative experience that is the best reflection of you and your family. People are at the heart of every building we design and these relationships are the basis of our business. We value relationships and look forward to getting to know you, your family, your unique story.

Your home reflects the story of who you are, who you love, where you’ve been and where you’re headed.

We delve into our client's needs, culture, passions and lifestyles to create custom environments that support belonging, productivity, creativity, innovation, lifestyle, work life balance and family. We use the power of design to enhance the human experience. 

Each design project follows six unique design phases tailored to the needs of your project. See below for more info



The objective of this phase is to get to know you, establish your requirements, goals and desires for your new space to suit your lifestyle and daily functions. We’ll ask you a number of relevant questions, perform site measurements, inventory your existing furnishings, photograph your space, and discuss your project budget and timeline. Throughout this phase we will ascertain the feasibility of the project by uncovering any potential zoning bylaws, environmental setbacks, slope challenges, building schemes, easements or restrictive covenants, building code or barrier-free challenges we may encounter. If needed, we will engage any required sub consultants and bring them on board prior to proceeding to the the next design phase – Schematic Design.

Image by Point3D Commercial Imaging Ltd.



The objective of this phase is to evaluate the conceptual design requirements of your project, and to prepare and present design concepts for your preliminary review and approval. Our Design Team shall study the requirements and characteristics of the ideas presented by you, and review approaches to the design of the project.  Based on a mutually agreed upon program, we will prepare design documents to illustrate the scale, form and character of your project and how various elements functionally relate to each other. Based on the design direction we will collaboratively determine the roadmap ahead for your project including if any development variances, hillside development permits, building scheme reviews, RAPR environmental reports etc will be necessary to proceed and we will guide you through this process with the Authourities and engage our complimentary consultant team as necessary.



The design concept is further developed and drawn from the approved preliminary concepts presented in Phase 2. Detailing is of great importance during this phase.  Items to be completed during the design development phase are the selection of finishes, fixtures, furniture and equipment plumbing fixtures (which helps determine design and sizes of vanities, kitchen cabinetry, and layout of bathrooms).  Appliances will be selected to ensure that exact dimensions and specifications are provided for the plumbing and electrical sub trades and the cabinet maker. Drawing documents are initiated at a basic level to include site, phasing, space planning, finish, reflected ceiling and furniture plans, elevations & in some cases, sketches or basic 3D modeling of key areas to express unique design features, millwork, FFF&E, lighting concepts, concepts for materials and finishes. This is also the phase when any custom-designed pieces or treatments such as built-in millwork, furniture, signage or any other specialty interior detailing would be sketched for your review. After we finish sourcing options we meet with you to review the plans and finish selections and make any refinements needed. At this time in conjunction with a general contractor, a review of the construction budget will be provided.  Once the proposed high level construction budget is approved Construction Documentation design phase will commence.



We design your project together, then we’ll produce all required technical drawings and specifications to price and build it out. We then send those documents to our A-Team: local engineers and architects we work with on a daily basis,  gathering proposals for their services on your behalf. We work with those preferred professionals and guide the team through the entire process from design to permit to pricing. 

Based on approval from the Client on the Design Development documents, the Designer shall prepare the construction documentation package consisting of drawings and specifications, setting forth in detail the requirements for the construction of the project. The Designer shall finalize with the Client, all FFF&E items for the project and implement these into the drawings and specifications to be submitted to the General Contractor for Tendering and Construction Purposes. The package shall then either be turned over to a specific Contractor specified by the Client or out to Tender to attract multiple bids. We will work with your builder to ensure Building Permit applications and drawings are submitted to the Authourities for review and processing.



This portion of the work prepares the Client for tendering the project and guides them through the process in a step by step manner to ensure a fair, transparent and efficient bidding and negotiation process for all parties involved. We will then assist the Client in the review of all bids submitted by potential contractors to undertake. Once the contract has been awarded to the successful contractor we can assist the Client with the Owner-Contractor contracts in preparation for the next phase of design – The Construction Contract Administration phase.

This portion of the work guides you through the construction of the project and provides availability to the Contractor and sub trades for any onsite questions or changes during the construction phase.

And so it begins, for real, on the jobsite! We finalize all quotes with you, and will issue the purchase orders, then schedule and manage the construction with your awarded General Contractor. We will be onsite routinely, and will be checking in with you to keep you updated and to allay that all-too-common construction anxiety. Our weekly meetings will make sure you know exactly what has happened and what’s coming next. You are always in control and never in the dark. 



This is where we work with you to furnish your home with all the things that bring you function, calm and joy! We specify, quote and purchase grade A furniture and appliances directly from local manufacturers. We arrange shipping, receiving, unpacking, assembly and installation with our suppliers and trade colleagues. We’ve maintained successful purchasing relationships for the last 30 years and continue to nurture them. We connect with our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure you have access to the most appropriate, cost effective and technologically advanced options on the market.

This portion of the work includes a final walk-through with the Contractor and Client and preparation of a list of any remaining items needing attention.  We also discuss the care and maintenance of all your new finishes, furnishings and equipment so that you can enjoy them for many years and maintain their new appearance and function.

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