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Interior Designer





"As a designer I am not meant to present something that is visually pleasing alone, but to use
the tools I have to enhance your experience in a space, both mentally and physically.”"

Meet Amelia . . .

Amelia is a recent graduate from the Centre for Arts and Technology. During her schooling she had the opportunity to complete a practicum at MQNi during her second year. From there it was clear that she fit in well with the team …

Born and raised in the Okanagan, Amelia has always had a passion for creativity. Her love of design began in high school woodshop while designing and building furniture. That passion only escalated from there and she needed it to be the cornerstone of her future. After a lot of research of potential careers, she knew she was meant to be an Interior Designer.

While Amelia shares our values centered around sustainability and eco conscious design, she deeply cares about accessibility and personal user needs within spaces. She believes everyone should feel welcomed, supported, and comforted in any built environment we create for them.

Project Experience

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