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ID + Building Technician

Sustainable Products & Materials Specialist

OSID Member




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"Design is a responsibility to positively impact our planet for the future while shaping spaces where people can thrive in the present"

Meet Lorinda . . .

Meet Lorinda Jackson, our building technician whose life experiences, passions, and work expertise converge to create spaces that reflect and support the individual. She has 4 years of experience as a building technician with a lovely, previous firm and loves her new team at MQNi.


With life experience centered around family and raising four kids, Lorinda understands the importance of a home that nurtures and adapts to the needs of its inhabitants. Lorinda believes in prioritizing “studio” space into all home design. Everyone has interests, whether it’s a space for creating music, writing, woodworking, dance, meditation, mechanics, sports, entertainment, culinary arts, programming, Lorinda believes it is essential to design these life-giving aspirations into your home.


Lorinda’s passion for studio spaces spurred the redesign of Cowork Vernon, which transformed their office into a bright, modern, and creative space on a minimal budget. Afterwards, she built a recording studio in an adjacent office involving a unique backdrop design, full lighting design, and installing broadcast fixtures. 


She has a strong interest in building sustainable homes to support our future planet while crafting spaces where people can thrive in the present. This includes the building envelope as well as planning outdoor spaces with permaculture principles, edible landscapes and rainwater harvesting into new residential land designs.


At our firm, we are proud to have Lorinda Jackson as part of our team. With Lorinda by your side, your home will become a true reflection of who you are and what you love. Let us embark on this design journey together and create a space that inspires and empowers you to live your best life.

Project Experience


  • Maybank Mountain Home – Silver Star, BC

  • Busi Lakehouse – Vernon, BC

  • Pinnacles — Six Plex, Vernon, BC

  • Hospital Hill — Five Plex– Vernon, BC

  • Silver Springs — Commercial Kitchen Renovation

  • Lumby Subdivision — 32 lots – Vernon, BC

  • Victoria Street— Eight Plex– Nelson, BC


  • CoWork Office TIVernon, BC

  • Silver Springs TI — Commercial Kitchen Renovation

  • Auto Body Shop — With Suite and Office space — Vernon, BC

  • Vernon & District Metis Association Office TI – Vernon, BC

  • Davison Orchards Barn for Petting Zoo — Vernon, BC

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