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"Your heart knows best what sparks joy within – my role is simply to draw it out of you, pull it all together and make it happen!"

Meet Heather  . . . 

Heather has an in depth and integrative process of developing design solutions that support clients in all aspects of their day to day lives.  Whether she is laying out a supremely efficient floor plan; or sourcing the perfect furniture, she is in her element!   Concept development, schematic design, furniture & fixture selection, lighting specification, and pulling together all materials and finishes in a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing manner are all in a day’s work.  She also works through the less glamourous and incredibly detailed work of putting together building permit packages and construction drawings in order for these visions to come to life! 


Heather relocated to the Okanagan in 2021 bringing a wealth of life and project experiences from collaboration with several Architecture and Design firms in Ontario.  Even before she could pronounce the word architect, Heather was intuitively expressing her spacial and design skills whether it was drawing house facades and interior layouts, building with lego, or packing the trunk of the family car to make everything fit just right!  Her father was city planner in Vancouver who was passionate about both people and design.  She grew up listening to him talk about the value of good planning and the impact it had on society.  Her Mom, a secondary school teacher, was ever supportive in her education and setting the stage for life-long learning. 

With a foundation of studies in the Environmental Sciences, Heather is a self professed science nerd. And, YES there IS a science to design!  She considers the physics of energy efficiency, sound and acoustics, the chemistry of the materials and finishes and their affect on human health, the body’s need for natural light to support circadian rhythm, the vibration of colour and how it affects mood, the biology of biomimicry and how we can borrow from nature’s designs to create biophilic environments that support human wellness. 

Altruism and a love of nature has Heather strive to find the balance between the human impact of architecture and design on our ecological systems.  She understands the potential that designers have in positively impacting a client’s health and wellbeing, and on that of the planet. Her ultimate desire is to create regenerative spaces that have people feeling better when they leave them compared to when they arrived. This skillset has made her a key contributor on large scale complex projects that require an integrative approach with multiple teams in the manufacturing, education, healthcare, and tech sectors. 

Heather feels that it is her privilege to guide clients through the process of transformation. It is her belief that your space is your space, and it is most thoroughly enjoyed when it becomes a reflection of who you are and what is meaningful to you.  

After many years of traveling and living abroad, Heather is thrilled to be putting down roots in the Okanagan.  While she is embracing all the outdoor activities the valley has to offer, she is most at home up at SilverStar skiing, biking, or hiking…  or reading in her hammock beneath the trees. 

Project Experience


  • Numerous Single-Family Residences in BC & Ontario

  • Flex Plex Multi-Res, Passive Home, New Construction - Toronto, ON

  • Kitchener Residence, Passive Home, Renovation, Kitchener, ON

  • Chartwell Retirement Residences


Health Care

  • Refining Physiotherapy  – Kitchener, ON

  • Braun Denture Clinic – Vernon, BC

  • Dynacare Patient Service Centre  – Kelowna, BC

  • Dynacare Blood Lab – Kelowna, BC



  • Conestoga College – International Business School Campus, Kitchener, ON

  • Boundary School District 51 – Kootenay’s, BC


  • MEDA (Mennonite Economic Development Association), Business Solutions to Poverty, Waterloo, ON

  • Dare Foods – Quality Snacks since 1889, Cambridge ON

  • Primus Realty – Region of Waterloo, ON

  • PaperWorks – Innovative Packaging Solutions with 100% Recycled Paperboard – Kitchener, ON

  • Brock Solutions - Industrial/manufacturing and transportation/logistics for Airports – Kitchener, ON

  • Motion Gestures – Gesture Recognition Software – Waterloo, ON

  • Octopuz – Robot Programming Software, Waterloo, ON

  • LogiSense – Software Development, Usage & Subscription Billing, Cambridge, ON

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